WarehouseXT TechnologyWindows-Based Set of Programs

Warehouse XT is a windows-based set of programs using the Caché post-relational database. Caché is the flagship database from Intersystems providing robust inquiry capabilities and information flow, making interfaces to other ERP systems and other databases very straightforward through industry standards including import and export through ODBC. For more information and details on the Warehouse XT underlying technology, contact our sales team.

WarehouseXT Modules

Item-Unit Move
Production Completion
Cycle Counts
Damage Reporting
Physical Inventory
Product Location Inquiry
Real-Time Communications
Prioritizing/Assigning Worker Tasks
ERP System Interface “Hooks”
and more…

Success Stories

quote  "Customer order fulfillment rate improved by 5% to 99%, due to employees easily finding correct items the first time."  


For a free personal online demonstration of Warehouse XT, please call 901.259.3705 or email Sales.


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