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RF and RFID Solutions for Warehouse Management (WMS) and Product Tracking

For WarehouseXT Experience Makes the Difference! Since 1990, DCC has been involved in integrated barcoding and Automated Data Collection through its software application divisions. One of DCC’s vertical market specialty software areas is the millwork, window, and door industry through its WoodWare Systems application software division. In 1990, DCC/WoodWare became the first software and technology company to develop integrated barcoding applications for millwork companies, both for their internal operational useas well as to provide automated product tracking for products sold to Big Box retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and others. This experience provided the groundwork for the development of Warehouse XT.

In 1999, DCC introduced RF Data Collection to the 3PL (third party logistics) market with solutions for the warehousing and logistics industry (companies storing and handling agricultural chemicals and other related products). DCC brought Warehouse XT to the window, door, and millwork distribution and manufacturing segment in 2003, working with multiple branch distributors of these products as a full-blown Warehouse Management System. In all these industries, DCC provided integration to ERP systems already in place, with the customers using Warehouse XT to handle all product tracking from the point of product receipt throughout the warehouse. Today Warehouse XT solutions are available to handle virtually any product tracking need, whether a traditional warehouse or manufacturing production facility where product tracking is needed, with current development expanding to companies and industries with outdoor "warehouses" where RFID is the key to product tracking.

Success Stories

Better real-time information for personnel and customers (improved customer service).

Inventory turns increase from about four turns to about nine turns while fill rates stay consistently between 97.8 percent and 99.4 percent.

Total man-hours needed to count a $3 million inventory drop from over 1200 man-hours with about 40 counters in the warehouse (about four days’ worth) to under 200 man-hours with about 15 counters (count completed in one day at a fraction of the expense).

Success Stories

quote  "Customer order fulfillment rate improved by 5% to 99%, due to employees easily finding correct items the first time."  


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