WarehouseXTRF and RFID Solutions for Warehouse Management (WMS) and Product Tracking

Warehouse XT utilizes wireless portable hand-held Radio Frequency (RF) devices to scan and input data, and to track product movement throughout your facility. The use of barcoded labels for inventory items, bin and aisle locations, carts, forklifts, etc. make it easy to track products from the moment they are received and at every “touch” point in your warehouse, production lines, staging and shipping areas.

One of the most frequently asked questions about RF technology in the future concerns the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and whether the investment is worth it.  RFID is a technology that utilizes tiny computer microchips.  These chips, or RFID “tags”, act as transponders (transmitters/responders), which are “listening” for radio signals sent by RFID readers.  The RFID tag responds by transmitting its own unique ID code back to the RFID reader.  So, the product with the RFID tag on it or in it can be identified without a person having to scan it, without a barcode label which might tear or have a smudge over the barcode, and immediately update the main computer system.  The cost of RFID technology has also dropped significantly over the last decade.

Please talk with your Warehouse XT Sales Team about which approach fits your business requirements and budget the best.

Success Stories

Improved visibility of orders and other information.

Improved accuracy and credibility of perpetual inventory.

Warehouse employees can locate product more quickly.

These are typical results you can expect after a successful implementation of Warehouse XT!

Success Stories

quote  "Customer order fulfillment rate improved by 5% to 99%, due to employees easily finding correct items the first time."  


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